Cleanup Instructions

Organising a Cleanup

A walk-through on how to organise a community cleanup.

During the Cleanup

In say groups of three, elect one person to audit the rubbish that you pick up. This person will need to record:

  • Types of waste being picked up (see Cleanup Log for categories)
  • Estimate the number of items picked up and bagged
  • Count the number of items that were not bagged
  • Be able to indicate what the top three litter items that you frequently found
  • Consolidate the data with others that are recording the items that have been bagged to create a summary

Take three photos:

  • The area before the cleanup
  • The area after the cleanup
  • The bags and un-bagged items you cleaned up

After the Cleanup

Record the items on the cleanup log. We will email you if we have any questions about your cleanup.

We will use your data to update our maps and our understanding of what is happening with regards to the amount of waste occurring on our shores and into our shores. This data will be included at the end of the week.

If you put your cleanup photos on social media, remember to tag the photos with #trashtag #keepsgclean

With your permission, we will use your photos to understand the extent of the cleanup.

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