“Each one of us can do something – to green, to reduce, and to clean”

Cleaning up Singapore is something we can each do easily. Here are some ways you can help


Clean Our Land

Urban Cleanup

The easiest way to start, form a group (of two, three or more) and head around your office, neighbourhoods or parks to pick up litter in the urban and heartland areas.

While it may sometimes look easy (or clean), take just 10 to 15 minutes and observe how many items you have on hand! If you are collaborating, look for our partners such as Habitat for Humanity and Stridy!

Suitable for young families, large groups as well as anyone who is keen to start being green!


Clean Your Walk or Run

Individual Cleanup

Going for a stroll or a run? Up the ante by bringing along a trash bag, or simply pick and bin the litter as you go!

Plogging (or jogging with picking up litter) may look deceptively simple, but try it out during a 15 minute run and we guarantee you will burn more calories than in the gym! Look for partners like the Singapore Glove Project for inspiration!

Suitable for individuals looking for fitness challenges, or anyone taking a leisure walk around the neighbourhood!


Clean Our Waters

Reservoir / Sea Cleanup

Trying out something different? Look no further than cleanups along our inland water bodies!

With more trash particularly after a heavy downpour, these can be carried out on kayaks or boats with partners such as PA PassionWaVe. Or if you have a diving certificate, head over to Our Singapore Reefs to remove trash from our seas!

Suitable for groups looking to keep our waterways clean and blue!


Clean Our Shores

Reservoir / Sea Cleanup

The common types of cleanups, these are particularly useful during low tides, when more trash or marine debris is found.

This is particularly helpful especially during peak months such as August when trash is washed up along recreational stretches like East Coast Park. Look for partners like SG Beach Warriors, Trash Heros or Green Nudge!

Suitable for groups looking for a meaningful way to kickstart their cleanup journey!