About R.I.S.E.

Who We Are

R.I.S.E. is a coalition of organisations that are committed to drive the Keep Singapore Clean Movement. We share the vision of creating a Singapore where everyone has the deeply held value of keeping public spaces clean. We aim to shape a culture where everyone is expected to dispose trash correctly and clean up after themselves as acts of graciousness to others and consideration for environmental sustainability. Our passion is to protect and preserve the environment by keeping it pristine, beautiful and sustainable.

What We Do

REACH:We reach higher in the quest to keep Singapore clean and sustainable. We do our part and reach out to various stakeholders in the community to create awareness, urgency and action.
INSPIRE:We inspire by our passion, actions and advocacy. Our desire is to demonstrate that deep change in societal values, attitudes and behaviour is needed if we are to preserve the environment for the generations that follow.
SYNERGISE:We support each other and collaborate to bring our knowledge, experiences and energies together to progress the Keep Singapore Clean Movement. By aligning our focus, strategies and actions, we amplif and magnify our impact.
EMPOWER:We create the opportunities, provide the impetus and build support structures to enable greater participation and effectiveness.

Why We Do It

Our environment is littered! In Singapore, over 8,000 tonnes of solid waste is generated every single day. A proportion of this finds its way to public spaces and waterways. Trash, especially plastics from elsewhere poisons our marine life and also washes up on our shores. We employ an army of over 50,000 cleaners to clean up our housing estates, beaches and parks, roads, pavements and other public spaces each day. Trash that is not cleared or cleared in time, is an eyesore and may also attract pests that spread diseases. Several hundred million dollars are spent every year on public cleaning when all this precious resources can be significantly reduced by just being more conscientious and considerate.

We generate too much waste and our only landfill Semakau is fast filling up. We do not recycle enough (only 6% of plastics) and the waste we incinerate generates pollutants that endanger us all.

Help Clean Up Today!

We play our part in protecting the environment by cleaning up litter on our lands and shores. Cleanup activities are essential to reduce polluting waste and help nudge our community to keep our shared spaces clean.

You can help by organising cleanups around Singapore. Let us know what you have done by logging in your cleanup details (go to Cleanup Log). You can also view what other like-minded people and organisations have accomplished (go to Cleanup Map). If this is the first time you are logging your cleanup event, please read the instructions about what would help us be able to use your data successfully

Together, let us RISE to keep Singapore clean, beautiful and sustainable!

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